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Cold Glue Bottle Labeling Machine

Cold Glue Bottle Labeling Machine

Product Item: CG-S100
Category: Cold Glue Labeling Machine
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Labeling systems
Perfect application
Cold glue method body
Pre cut label
Description:The glue labeling machine is suitable for labeling of 20-1200ml plastic bottles or glass bottles and cylindrical containers in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.


Model CG-S100 cold glue labeler
Cold Glue Paper Labeling Speed/Output 30-100bottle/min (its up to customer product)
Conveyor Length 3m
Cold Glue Labeling Machine Table Height 840+/-40mm
Labeling Precision +/-1mm
Total Power 1.2KW
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Machine Weight 550KG

1. It is suitable to liquor, condiments ,canned and beverage industry
2. It has perfect application which can work for many different formats of bottle like round bottle, glass bottle, plastic containers, pet containers, tin can, etc.
3. it is workable in bottle neck paper labeling and body labeling
4. Cold glue labeling equipped transducer speed control,PLC touch screen control which make sure machine running with flexibility and high stability
5. Electric eye control automatic labeling system, no bottle  no labeling

6. Labeling machines can be applied on a stand-alone machine, or can be configured with a production line to be applied together, and it is convenient and easy to adjust

7. The main material is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which meets GMP standards.

8. Labeling stations can be one or two, work for front and back labels.

Main Descriptions
This equipment is suitable for the paste paper labeling of various round bottle objects, paper separation, gluing, labeling are automatically completed, reducing manual labeling procedures and improving labeling efficiency. Glue is evenly spread, with filamentous stripes, no wrinkles, and improves packaging quality. and it is the most important packaging equipment in production line. It is especially suitable for labeling production of small and medium batches, such as labeling of food and wine.

Machine Details