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Case for Packing Machine

Wrap Around Case Packer

Name: Hot Melt Glue Wrap Around Case Packer 1SET
Country: Australia
Industry: Beer
Details: Our Wrap Around Case Packer is for beer bottle carton packer, glass bottle 330ml, before our carton packer, they will wrap 4 or 6bottle per wrap, then go to our wrap around case packer to pack 4bottle/wrap*6 and 6bottle/wrap*4

Name: Wrap Around Carton Packer 2 SET  High Speed Double Channel PE Film Shrink Wrapper Machine 1 SET  100meter of conveyor
Country: Thailand
Industry:  Beverage
Details: Production Line 1:  One production line is for can, first pack 2*3 can by film shrink wrapper machine, then pack 2*3packs*4 by wrap around carton packer

Production Line 2: The other production is for Pet bottle juice, pack 4*6 pieces bottle into carton by wrap around carton packer Machine

Name: Wrap Around Packer Machine for 250ml Can 1SET
Country: Thailand
Industry: Energy Drink
Details: Our Wrap Around Packer is to pack 24pieces of 250ml can into one carton.

Robot Case packer

Name: Robot Flexpicker Carton Packer for Stand up Pouch 1SET   Case Erector with bottom sealing machine 1SET Case Sealer 1 SET
Country: Australia
Industry: Stand up pouch water
Details: Our whole packing system: first open carton, second pick up pouch into carton by flexpicker, finally seal carton

Name: Robot Case Packer 2 SET  Carton Erector with bottom Sealer machine 2 SET  Auto Carton Sealer 2 SET
Country: Argentina
Industry: Personal Care
Details: Our 2 whole packing system is for 2 kinds bottles 200ml and 400ml bottle, 2*6 packing arrangement, 200mml with capacity 120bottles/min and 400ml bottles with capacity 100bottles/min

Other Packing Machine&Conveyors

Name: Spiral Conveyor 1 SET   Vertical Lift Conveyor 2 SET  Roller Case Conveyor   PET Bottle Conveyor  Air Conveyor  Basket Loader and Unloader Machine, PE Film Shrink Wrapper Machine, X-ray check machine, hot filling machine, sleeve labeling machine,etc.
Country: Thailand
Industry: Beverage
Details: We help customer build three production line,  2 Pet bottle coconut water production, 1 Can production line