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Some of Thailand customer

Thailand Spicy Company:  three sets of sleeve labeling machine, two set of cold glue paper labeling machine and one set of double side adhesive sticker label machine

Thailand Beverage Company: one set of high speed PE film shrink wrapper machine,70M bottle belt conveyor, 21M case conveyor, one set of wrap around carton packer for can, one set of wrap around case packer machine for PET bottle.

Thailand Agent Company: one set of wrap around packer machine for can

Thailand Coconut Water Company: two coconut water production line from air conveyor, hot filling machine, air dryer, sleeve label machine, basket loading and unloading machine, etc.   one can packing production line from shrink wrapping machine, spiral conveyor, vertical lift conveyor, basket unloader system, etc. three set of case sealer machine, three set of vacuum packing machine

Thailand Company: single column palletizer

Thailand Company: three sets of auto top and bottom case sealing machine

Thailand Electronic Company: two set of cable labeling machine

Some of USA Customers

More than 10 electronic company from USA buy cable labeling machine quantity is more than 20 sets.

Around 8 food company from USA buy plastic bag labeling machine

USA Noodle Company: Taper cup sticker labeling machine

USA Nut Company: Top labeling machine for biscuit bag

USA Spicy Company: Two Side Adhesive Labeling Machine

Some of Australia Customers

Austria Water Company: spout pouch bag packing machine and robot case packer

Austria Beer Company: two set of wrap around case packer

Austria Agent: Low Level Palletizer and online stretch wrapper

Austria Food Company: Top Labeling Machine

Some of Vietnam Customer

Food Company: two set of front back adhesive sticker labeling machine for carton, three sets of plastic bag labeling machine, one set of top labeling machine

Three Electronic Company  5 sets of flag labeling machine for wire

Water Company: sleeve labeling machine heat shrinkable electric tunnel

Some of Nigeria Customer

Juice Company: OPP labeling machine for 500ml 1000ml 1500ml bottle

Chemical Company: High Speed Hot melt bopp labeling machine

Water Company: one water production line

Electronic Company: flag labeling machine for electronic cable

Some of Indonesia Customer

Beverage Company: cup filling sealing machine, bottle water filling machine

Agent: one set of bottle neck and body sleeve label machine for square bottle, one set of  sleeve labeling machine for round bottle

Other Country Customer

Saudi Arabia Water Company: 15000BPH hot melt opp labeling machine, air conveyor system 80m, bottle conveyor 200m

Saudi Arabia Water Company: BOPP labeling machine 4000BPH, air conveying system, conveying system

Oman Canned Food Company: two set of cold glue paper labeling machine

Dubai Food Company: Noodle bag top labeling machine

Romania Company: stand up pouch bag labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine

Germany Company: round bottle wrap around labeling

UK Plastic Bottle Company: sleeve labeling machine, steam shrinking tunnel

Ajman Food Company: box labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine

South Africa Sauce Company: two sided adhesive sticker labeling machine, label sleeve machine, filling and capping machine

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