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Semi Automatic Electric Wire Cable Flag Labeler Machine

Product Item: BGJ-C50
Category: Manual Labeling Machine
Views: 5380
Price: USD3000-USD4500
2 Years Guarantee
Good productivity
less product label deviation
Description:This flag labeler machine is suitable for round wire, flat wire, round tube, round tube, flag, lollipop, flower branch, optical cable, etc.

Model BGJ-C50
Label Material Paper
Labeling Precision
+/-1mm(exclude the product label deviation)
Applicable Cable Size customized
Applicable Flag Labels Size customized according to label size
Power 220V, 50/60HZ
Weight 36KG


1. Semi automatic tabletop labeler machine type save cost and space for customer

2. It is widely used in electronic industry

3. Perfect cable labeling effect, no wrinkle, no bubble

4. It is more easier to let new coming people handle it

Machine Details



Name: Stainsteel Tube Flag Label Machine
Country: Canada
Industry: Metal
Details:This factory produce all kinds of cylindrical tube, our flag labeling machine is to make flag label for stainsteel tube

Name: Semi Auto Flag Labeler for Fork, Knife, Spoon   3 SET
Country: Mexico
Industry:  Kitchen handware
Details: Semi auto flag labeling machine is to make flag label for spoon, knife, fork for promotion

Name: Semi automatic Labeler for Plastic Tube 2 SET
Country: USA
Industry:  Auto Spare Parts
Details: Our flag labeling machine is to label for different size of plastic tube.

Name: Labeling System for Electric Cable, Wire 2 SET
Country: USA
Industry:  Electronic Product
Details: Our flag labeling machine is to label for different size of wire, computer wire, etc

Till now our flag labeler machine already customized for different product like electric wire, computer line, plastic spoon, fork, knife, lollipop, pen, jelly, pet bones, molar rod, etc. we sold around 50sets of this kind of flag labeling machine. if any customers have interests, pls arrange samples to us to test it. we will share videos to u.

Consung also have wrap around labeler machine, top labeler machine, bag labeling machine, double side labeler machine, manual labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine for your option.