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Electric Steam Generator

Electric Steam Generator

Product Item: SG-50
Category: Sleeve Labeling Machine
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18KW USD1500
36KW USD2000
50KW USD2500
Multiple interlocking safety protection functions
Description:There is steam separator inside which can reduce steam moisture content improve steam quality

Power 50KW
Voltage 380V 3PH 50HZ
Working Pressure 0.8Mpa
Saturated Steam Temperature 175 degree
Steam Pipe Dia DN20
Drain Pipe Dia DN20
Water Inlet Dia DN15
Machine Size 1035*550*1420mm
Weight 190KG
Rated Evaporation Capacity 70kg/hour


1. Steam boiler can be controlled by group, It can save energy when it started the corresponding heating group according steam volume

2. It equip with safety valve, pressure controller and other overpressure protection, so as to prevent the steam boiler from explosion caused by excessive pressure

3. Electric leakage protection make operators and steam boiler more safety

4. Best choice to save energy and environmental protection