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Automatic High Speed Horizontal Carton Erector with Bottom Sealing Machine

Product Item: KX-25
Category: Case Erector
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Erecting RSC cases
Low maintenance operation
Perfect performance and reliability
Cost Effective Equipment
Description:High Speed Carton Erector with Bottom Sealing M/C is to do carton forming, bottom folding, bottom sealing job with horizontal way


Model KX-25
Speed about 25cartons/min
Carton Storage 70-100pieces
Air Consumption 6kg/cm2, 450NL/min
Case Forming Sealing Machine Out-feeding Height 900-950mm
Power 2KW
Machine Size L2580mm*W1150mm*H1800mm
Machine Weight 990KGS


1.Man-machine interface control to show all case forming sealing action and alarm function

2. Speed adjustable by transducer control

3. Door open safety function, when open the door, machine will stop working

4. Automatic reminder function when no carton feeding, and no glue or tape will also alarm

5. Carton storage system adopt horizontal type, which can put carton at any time, no need to stop machine

6. This design can do carton sucking, forming, bottom folding, bottom sealing function

Machine Details