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Horizontal Blister Cartoning Machine

Horizontal Blister Cartoning Machine

Product Item: 100B
Category: Box Packing Machine
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Description:Horizontal Blister Cartoning Machine is to pack blister and instruction leaflet flat folding and inserting

Speed 35-90box/min
Box Packing Size Range L60-120*W30-90*H12-55
Power 380V 50HZ
Compressed Air 0.6Mpa
Air Consumption 50-70L/min
Out-feeding Height 800-850mm
Machine Size L1200*W1120*H1550mm


1.The speed is regulated by variable frequency and adopts automatic PLC control system.
2.This machine adopts touch screen operating system, automatically display box speed, quantity and other performance parameters ,and also display  the fault causes and methods of operation and maintenance.
3.It can be implemented that adjust and use of more specifications at the specific confine on the same machine.
4.Manual and automatic conversion.
5.It can simultaneously complete the folding and cartoning of the instructions.
6.It also has the functions of print serial numbers(option)
7.Incorporates automatic inspection system and has the functions of automatic suspension and removal of non-conforming products.



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