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High Speed Front Back Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

High Speed Front Back Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Product Item: BGJ-S350
Category: Double Side Labeling
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Front Back Top Bottom Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
Servo labeling system
One-sided or two-sided labeling
Consistent labeling system
Description:High Speed Front Back Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine can apply two side or single side labeling for flat container labeling, oval bottle labeling, sqaure container labeling,etc

BGJ-S350 High Speed Type
Label Material
Labeling Precision
+/-1mm (exclude the product label deviation)
Labeling Speed
200bottle per minute (speed adjustable)
Label Gap
Applicable Label Size
L10-200m W15-180mm can customize
Applicable Container Size
L15-180mm W10-120mm H40-350mm
Inner Diameter of Roll Label Tube
more than 76mm
Outer Diameter of Roll Label Tube
less than 420mm
220V, 50/60HZ, 2.2KW


1. Our high speed front back labeling machine can be applied to multi size product which no need changeover

2.  It is workable in round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle bilateral plane, side, etc.

3. We use whole Germany Siemens touch screen, Germany Siemens servo motor to control machine which is more stable and high efficiency.

Self-adhesive label parameters:

1) Label spacing:  2-5mm

2) The distance between the upper and lower edges of the label and the upper and lower edges of the backing paper:  recommended 2mm

3) Backing paper:  Use no less than 62 grams of white Glassine, dense paper and has a good internal strength and light transmittance, strong and not easy to be torn. Excellent die-cutting characteristics

4) Basic weight:  >62 g/m2, thickness:  >55μm

5) Tensile strength:  Conveying direction:  16 kg/25mm, transverse direction:  7 kg/25mm

6) Tearing resistance:  Conveying direction:  25 g/sheet, transverse direction:  31 g/sheet

7) Transparency:  52%

Description of the whole labeler machine

1) Side B labelling host:  The most important portion of the equipment, used for side B labelling.

2) Top hold-down mechanism:  The top hold-down mechanism is synchronized with the conveyor belt to clamp and transport the product to ensure the stability during labelling and pressing process

3) Side B missing labelling detection mechanism:  to detect whether there is any missing label on Side B of the product.

4) Label top hold-down mechanism:  to press and hold the TE label firmly on the carton.

5) Human-machine interface (HMI), also called "touch screen" to operate equipment, sets and adjusts parameters, and monitor equipment operating status

6) Conveying mechanism:  used to convey products (such as:  carton).

7) Pneumatic rejection mechanism:  to reject the unqualified products detected by the label missing inspection mechanism to the rejected product bin

8) Rejection confirmation mechanism:  to confirm whether the unqualified products detected are accurately rejected

9) Chassis unit It is used to carry the supporting mechanism of each unit of the equipment and install electrical units inside.

10) A-side missing labelling detection mechanism detects whether there is any missing label on the Side A of the product.

11) The inkjet printer is used to print the contents of the product. (Optional)

12) side A labelling host unit, the most important part of the equipment, used for Side A labelling.

13) Differential carton separating mechanism is to keep a certain distance between the cartons, and then performs labelling