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High Speed Horizontal Ampoule Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Product Item: BGJ-W500
Category: Horizontal Labeling Machine
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Users friendly
Small Sizes of round objects
Continues product feeding
Label dispensing system
Description:Specializing in the production of High Speed Horizontal Ampoule Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine,Horizontal Ampoule Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine is for ampule, vial, tube, lip, battery, crayons, Pre

Model BGJ-W500
Labeling Precision +/-1mm exclude the product and label error
Labeling Speed 200-400pieces per minute (its up to product and label size)
Applicable Product Diameter 12-24mm
Applicable Self Adhesive Label Size W 15-150mm, L20-75mm
Machine Size L1500*W550*H900mm
Weight 160KG


1. It adopt PLC, servo motor, photoelectric control, touch screen to make whole horizontal labeling machine more intelligence

2. It also can equip with bottle rotary feeding table

3. High speed labeling and good labeling effect

4. It avoid labor labeling problem, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular, problem.

5. Applicable industries: electronic accessories, food chemicals, electrical accessories, hardware and electrical machinery, auto parts, printing and packaging and other industries;

6. Applicable product range: selection of oral liquid, test tube, round bottle, and other cylinder labeling, bar code, electronic supervision code, classification label, etc.;

7. Function: Automatically detect labeling, improve the sticking efficiency of product labeling, accurate sticking position, good quality and high stability; avoid low efficiency of manual sticking, sticking skew, blistering and wrinkling, irregular sticking position, etc. A series of problems; effectively reduce product cost, improve product logo aesthetics, and enhance product competitiveness;

8. The main materials of the equipment are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, the overall structure is firm, beautiful and easy to operate and maintain;

9. The scope of application of the equipment is customized according to customer samples, the labeling accuracy is +1mm, and the size of the applicable products can be adjusted arbitrarily within the scope of technical regulations;

10. Small structure, small footprint, convenient equipment movement and placement; equipment includes positioning device, fault alarm function, production counting function, printing function, etc. (reserved);