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Penicillin Bottle Labeling Machine

Penicillin Bottle Labeling Machine

Product Item: BGJ-Y400
Category: Horizontal Labeling Machine
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Description:Penicillin Bottle Labeling Machine is suitable to small bottle labeling which like penicillin bottle labeling, vial labeling, syrup bottle labeling,etc

Model BGJ-Y400
Labeling Speed 0-400bottle/min
Labeling Precision +/-1mm (exclude the product and label deviation)
Label Length 25-200mm
Outer Diameter of Bottle 16-85mm
Total Power 220V, 50HZ
Air Supply 0.5Mpa
Machine Size L2710*W1325mm*H1400mm


1. This penicillin labeling machine use rotary bottle feeding which can make sure high speed

2. It can use single or connect with production line

3. It adopt detecting system to make sure no product no labeling

4. It adopt servo motor to make sure high speed labeling, high precision labeling and good stability



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