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Linear Hot Melt BOPP Adhesive Glue Labeling Machine for PET Bottle Cylindrical Containers

Linear Hot Melt BOPP Adhesive Glue Labeling Machine for PET Bottle Cylindrical Containers

Product Item: OPP-8L
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Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Pre Cut Paper
Improve Labeling Accuracy

15000-18000BPH (500ml)
Applicable Container Size
round bottle dia.40-105mm  height 80-350mm
Applicable Label Size
L 125-325mm H20-190mm
Air Compression
Glue Consumption
1KG glue for 100000 pieces bottle (Label Height is 50mm)


1. Bottle Divider to make bottle coming one by one to label

2. Schneider PLC, touch screen, servo system to make sure opp labeling machine more stable

3. New Type Glue machine to provide glue to paste label on round bottle

4. One-shot lubricating system make opp labeling machine more stable and extend lifetime.

5. China factory specializing in the production of Linear Hot Melt BOPP Labeling Machine for PET Bottle Cylindrical Containers

Machine Description

1. Adopt wheel labeling method

2. The label fed by the label roll runs along the guide rail through the label supply wheel for labeling operation

3. When the label passes through the label supply wheel, the sensor automatically detects the I-MARK

4. Once the position of the electronic eye is confirmed, the demodulator automatically adjusts the working speed of the feeding wheel, and then correctly specifies the cutting position

5. After the label passes through the label supply wheel, it enters the cutting part for label cutting operation, and then sends the cut label to the vacuum suction cup

6. After the containers conveyed by the conveyor belt are properly arranged by the supply star wheel, the glued labels are processed in the roller area.

Labeling once, and then relying on the action of the synchronous belt to carry out a perfect labeling operation.

7. The position of the machine's gluing, cutting knife and marking suction drum can be adjusted as a whole, and it can be produced directly without changing the mold for different positions of the same bottle type.

Sequence of operations for changing labels:

When the label is used up and needs to be replaced, pay attention to leaving enough labels to stick with new bopp labels.

Once there is a relative deviation between the label position and the guide roller position, the reference operation needs to be performed.

1) Stop the machine, cut the middle of one of the labels at the end of the label tray (the middle of the two color marking points) and the middle of the label of the new label plate with scissors, and stick with tape at the same time. Glue the front of the label, not too much.

2) Adjust the route of the roll label as shown in the figure, and tighten the quick locking block on the marking plate. Do not start the device, jog into the bottle with the handle, then remove the bottle with the tape on the label. At the same time, confirm whether the cut point of the cut label is correct, otherwise the reference operation is required.

3) After completing the above steps, press the start button to start the hot melt adhesive glue labeling machine.

Special Instructions for Hot Melt Adhesives Glue

1. There is one glue inlet hole and one glue outlet hole in the hot melt glue part.

2. The length of the melted hose used by this machine is 4 inches in imperial units.

3. The temperature of the hot melt adhesive part is set at 160 degrees Celsius.

4. Due to the weather, the temperature is adjusted to 150 degrees Celsius in summer.

5. The hot melt adhesive department should clean the melt tank once a year, update the filter screen, and the filter screen of each pipeline should also be updated.

6. It takes about 40 minutes to melt the hot melt adhesive after the hot melt adhesive part is powered on, and the adhesive products are slightly different at the same time.

7. The hot melt adhesive must be kept clean. If it is dropped, do not use it, otherwise it will easily block the pipeline and affect the use.

8. When the hot melt adhesive department is working, people should avoid getting close to avoid dangers such as burns.

9. The maintenance of the hot melt adhesive glue should be operated by professionals of the hot melt glue opp labeler equipment manufacturer.

Weekly maintenance of hot melt glue adhesive labeling machine

1. Check the reducer for oil leakage.

2. Check the reducer and transmission parts for abnormal noise.

3. Check whether the connection of each action part is normal.

4. Check whether there is abnormal sound and beating when the conveyor chain is running.

5. Check whether the movements of each cylinder are flexible and accurate.

5. Check whether the emergency pause button operates normally.

6. Check whether the electrical parts are loose or abnormal.

7. If rust and rust spots are found, immediately remove the rust and apply anti-rust paint or take other actions.

8. Lubrication system oiling maintenance, as shown below.

9. Oil the transmission gear once a week, and use general machine grease.

10. Check whether the connection standard parts are loose, and pay attention to keep them fastened.

Machine Details


500ml Oil Bottle PET bottle hot melt glue labeling machine

500ml 1L 1.5L Water bottle PET Bottle hot melt OPP glue labeling machine for water production line