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China Fully Automatic OPP Sticker Labeling Machine Hot Melt Glue Applicator

China Fully Automatic OPP Sticker Labeling Machine Hot Melt Glue Applicator

Product Item: OPP-4L
Category: OPP Labeling Machine
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Low glue consumption
Cost savings compared to shrink labels and self-adhesive labels
Accurate label applying
Save packaging costs
Description:OPP Sticker Labeling Machine is workable for only round bottle labeling machine, which speed is 8000-10000BPH

8000-10000BPH (500ml)
Applicable Container Size
round bottle dia.40-105mm  height 80-350mm
Applicable Label Size
L 125-325mm H20-190mm
Air Compression
Glue Consumption
1KG glue for 100000 pieces bottle (Label Height is 50mm)


1. Bottle Divider to make bottle coming one by one to label

2. Schneider PLC, touch screen, servo system to make sure the opp labeling machine more stable

3. New Type Glue machine to provide glue to paste label on round bottle

4. One-shot lubricating system make the opp labeling machine more stable and extend lifetime.

5. Label for full wrap around bottle with hot melt glue

Main Description

First, the bottles on the conveyor chain enter the star wheel from the bottle-separating screw. At the same time, the servo motor drives the traction roller to feed the label to the cutter drum. The cutter drum absorbs the label through the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump, and the label is cut at the cutter. The labels are transferred to the labeling drum. When the label on the labeling drum is in contact with the glue roller, both ends of the label are instantly coated with hot melt adhesive. The labeling drum is then turned to the contact position with the bottle, and one end of the label is adhered to the surface of the bottle. Then, the bottle rotates in the space formed by the labeling drum and the bottle-rubbing mechanism, and the other end of the label is then adhered to the surface of the bottle. Complete a labelling process.

Sensors for detecting bottles and labels are installed at the bottle feeding screw and traction place, and an encoder is installed under the cutter drum to provide signals for the control system to determine whether the servo motor will feed the BOPP labels (no bottle will not feed the BOPP labels) and Whether the rubber roller is glued (no label is not glued). This determines the movement of each part of the machine.

Machine Details


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