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Automatic vacuum pouch feed and labelling machine

Product Item: BGJ-F300
Category: Automatic Bag Labeling Machine
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Unique label applicator with conveyor
More flexibility in labeling application
Label detection module
Empty pouch loading platform
Description:Automatic Pneumatic Type Bag Feeder Labeler Machine can stick adhesive label properly one the paged plastic bag, paper, manual book, cardboard,etc.

Model BGJ-F330
Labeling Material Paper
Labeling Precision +/-1mm(exclude the product and label deviation)
Labeling Speed 60-100piece per minute(its up to product size)
Applicable Bag Size 100≤W≤280mm
Applicable Label Size 10≤W≤130mm
Voltage 220V, 50/60HZ
Weight 300KG

Main Description

The automatic paging and labeling machine is mainly composed of bag paging, label dispensing, labeling, paper delivery, induction, transmission, etc. its accent packaging equipment.

The automatic labeling machine head is composed of label pulling, paper receiving, and supplying labels, and the main components of the labeling mechanism.

Touch screen Display and adjust all the information and content of the labeling part.

Emergency stop switch Power switch The power switch is used to turn on and off the power of the equipment, and the emergency stop switch stops the operation of the equipment in an emergency.

Conveying mechanism Make the product transport smoothly, complete the whole labeling, stainless steel material, the overall length is 2000MM.

Labeling electrical control cabinet Install all the electrical appliances of the labeling mechanism inside, with a lock, which needs to be openable.

Conveying motor 180W turbine variable frequency speed regulation motor, the components of the entire conveying mechanism.

Exhaust fans are provided on both sides to dissipate heat from the electrical appliances inside the chassis.

Machine Details