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Automatic Case Four Corner Side Sealing Machine

Automatic Case Four Corner Side Sealing Machine

Product Item: FX-12
Category: Case Sealer
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Automatic adjustment of machine width and height for carton specifications
Done by machine instead of human
Stable carton sealing speed
Higher efficiency
Description:Automatic case four corner side sealing machine is widely used in food, beverage, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronics industry. and we offer a variety semi-automatic and automatic case seale


Automatic Case Four Corner Side Sealing Machine

Table Height 580-680mm
speed 400cases/hour
Voltage 220V, 50HZ/380V, 60HZ
Max Carton Size L600*W500*H500mm
Min Carton Size L320*W200*H180mm
Applicable Tape Size


Machine Weight 450kg


1. Supporting use: single machine combination supporting, online supporting, combined into an I-shaped automatic sealing operation
2. Beautiful and durable: all electrical units are selected from major brands, durable, low failure rate, and beautiful corners
3. Simple operation: This product adopts side belt drive, integrated electric control box design, easy to operate