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Case sealer with automatic flap closure

Case sealer with automatic flap closure

Product Item: FX-50
Category: Case Sealer
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Simplistic design
Easy to use and maintain
can be used alone
integrated with a case packer
Description:The automatic carton sealing machine is also called tape sealing carton. It is economical, fast and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing actions at one time, and can also use pr

Model FX-50
Power 400W
Voltage 220V, 50HZ
Max Carton Size L600*W500*H500mm
Min Carton Size L200*W150*H150mm
Applicable Tape Size 48mm 60mm 75mm
Machine Weight 180KG


1. This series is an unmanned model, and the top cover of the carton is automatically folded in, which is suitable for the same specification carton in the same period

2. The transmission design is driven by belts on both sides, suitable for lighter cartons

3. Suitable for manual adjustment of carton of different specifications within specifications