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Wrap Around Carton Packer for A4 Paper Ream

Wrap Around Carton Packer for A4 Paper Ream

Product Item: GB-S20
Category: Wrap Around Packer
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Description:Wrap Around Carton Packer for A4 Paper Ream is specially for A4 paper packing reams.


This wrap around packing system is customized, so if you wanna know more details, pls contact us for your customized packing solution

Model GB-S20
Speed around 4 case/min
Power 8KW
Voltage 380V, 50HZ/60HZ
Air Pressure 6.0kg/cm2
Operation Interface English Screen operation
Packing Material Corrugated Paper
Sealing Method Hot Melt Glue


1. Humanized operation interface  Chinese or English display

2. Automatic detecting errors and automatic display message, in order to facilitate maintenance and guide

3. Wrap around packing can save 1/5 packaging cost, which compared with traditional RSC packing way

4. This whole packing system include wrap around machine, A4 Paper Packing reams stacked system and lifting system, top lid forming machine, top lid glue machine, carton positioning device, outfeeder roller conveyor, etc.

Machine Drawing