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Wrap Around Carton Packing Machine for Can

Wrap Around Carton Packing Machine for Can

Product Item: GB-35
Category: Wrap Around Packer
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Handles up to 35 cases per minute
Operational flexibility
Cardboard magazine system
Low energy consumption
Description:This wraparound carton packing machine is use for wrapping bottles or cans into carton with hot melt glue sealing the carton, it can form carton, packing bottles into carton and seal carton

Model GB-35
Speed 20-35case/min its up to product
Air Consumption 150NL/min
Production Efficiency ≥98%
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3phrase
Air Pressure 4-5kg/cm2
Power 7KW
Machine Dimension L5300mm*W2500mm*H1600mm


The conveyor transport the cans to the formation structure of arranging the cans according to the array, and then transport the cans to the cardboard which is supplied from the cardboard magazine; the cardboard drop down with the cans, the cardboard will wrap the cans by the hot melt glue.


1.It can run with fully wrap around carton packer and tray packer also

2.Wrap around packer is widely used in food industry, toy industry, chemical industry, medical industry, plastic industry

3.Wrap around packer carton storage system can store around 150pieces carton which save time to put carton

4. This wrap around carton packer is high speed type, which speed can reach max 35 case per minute

5. It is easy and convenient to control all machine action by touch screen

6. Nordson glue machine seal carton perfect

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