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Automatic robot packaging line system for box

This production line realizes automatic carton unpacking, automatic turning, robot automatic carton packing, and automatic carton sealing conveying system to achieve the effect of improving the on-site working environment and increasing production efficiency, and meeting the requirements of customers for production process loading.

During production, the products come from the front-end equipment and are transported to the material sorting conveyor; the cartons are unpacked by the carton erector, transported to the grabbing position, and then picked up and packed by the robot. For vertical packaging, the carton needs to be rotated 90 degrees (Figure On the left side), a frame supporting mechanism (right side of the figure) should be added for flat packaging. After the packing is completed, the carton sealing machine will seal and output

Product conveyor line: The conveyor line is driven by a motor and used to connect front-end equipment, using Regina mesh belt.

Sorting conveyor line: Servo motor is used as power to carry the products conveyed by the product to the robot host for grabbing.

Carton-opening machine: The combined action of motor and cylinder completes the semi-forming of the carton

Carton pushing mechanism 1: The pneumatic cylinder is used to push the carton.

Blocking mechanism: The cylinder acts to block the carton.

Carton sealing machine: The combined action of the motor and the cylinder completes the sealing of the carton.

Name Brand
Germany Siemens
Transducer Denmark Danfoss
Servo Motor Germany Siemens
Sensor Germany Sick
Motor SEW
Pneumatic Parts Festo
Touch Screen Germany Siemens

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