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Plastic Bag Labeling Machine to Brisbane Australia
Our Australia customer said i liked your youtube video of your plastic bag labeling machine! This one  We need a machine like this for our food company.
We have two types of bags we want to place labels on.  We are doing about 5500 bags a week and that number is increasing fast.  Actually we apply a label to the front and back, but I assumed we would label one side, then flip them and label the other side.  If it is not too complicated or much more, it would be nice to know if we can do both sides at once (as an option?).
Bags are:
Stand up pouch 220mm x 140mm
Clear PE bag 125mm x 205mm

Both get a 95mm wide x 120mm long back label.  We also apply a front label that is 50mm wide x 95 mm long.  We would like it if we can stack a pile of bags on the machine and it labels them automatically.  We don’t really have a production ‘line’ so this can be a stand alone machine, preferable mobile so we can wheel it out when we need it.Let me know lead time and cost (delivered to Brisbane, Australia) for the suggested machine.  We need one!

According to customer requirement, we have two options for our customer: 1. one is our standard plastic bag labeling machine, just label one side. if customer want to label another side, just turn to another side by hand, then label it. 2. we can design one labeling machine which can label front and back side at same time, but cost will be higher also. finally customer choose our standard plastic bag labeling machine, which label for two side.

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