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lollipop and hard candy flag labeling machine for Turkey customer

Our customer are a lollipop and hard candy producer company in Mersin/ Tukey. they produce lollipops on sticks.
they watch one of your company products video on internet.
This video is about plastic forks and spoons stick labeling machine. As they can see their products photos as attached. They put a sticker on this products manual and they need too much effort to put sticker on it.
Our machine give him an idea, and They suppose that this type of machine should be available to put a sticker on their products. But the video seems the machine works so slow.
On the other hand, they use two types of sticks in our products. One is plastic type, and the other one is bamboo type of sticks. The bamboo stick thickness is 3 mm and 20 cm length. The plastic stick is similiar to ball shape lollipops plastic sticks thickness. (4 mm to 5 mm) and 15 cm and 20 cm.
first of all they want to learn this, is it possible to use this sticker machine and make it available to our products to put a sticker and label on the sticks. The other point that they want  to learn is ; as they mentioned above, they have different length and different thickness of products, is it possible to fix one machine for all types of sticks?
The sticker measurement and dimensions are important or not? Any type of sticker should be possible to use in these machines?
This is no problem for our flag labeling machine BGJ-C50. customer send their lollipop and hard candy to test in our machine. then customer order fast. thanks for customer belief

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