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PET ampules labeling machine for Ghana customer

Our Ghana customer ordered our top labeling machine for pet ampoules, this labeling machine would be used in two different lines of production. One contains 10ml BFS PET ampules for a 200 units/minute productivity(5-10 units/row), and the other contains 500 ml BFS PET bottles for an 66 units/minute productivity. Dimensions(approx): - 500 ml bottle: L 95mm x W 47 mm x H 201-214mm - 10 ml Ampules(5-10 units/row): L 14,7 mm x W 12-19 mm x H 52-95mm they would also need a labeling machine also for when the packing has been done. normally this kind of product is 5 unit together. our labeling machine can paste one label for 5units. max. can label 60rows per minute, so total is 300piece per minutes. it has requirements for your label. but ur product is 10units, but cant label one label for 10units. it need to label one by one. max speed is 100piece per minutes. so its up to customer product and label. customer accept our advice and advised quotation. thanks for your believe.

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