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Flat Pouch Labeling Machine for Kenya

Our customer is from Nairobi Kenya. he looking for a flat pouch labeling machine and in his recent trip to

North India some two weeks ago he was told that we sell quality machines. he have viewed the video of the above mentioned machine on youtube and am impressed. Kindly avail a quote for a set that can do labeling on empty agro seed flat pouches made of laminated plastic.These are 3 side sealed pouches. They have two sets of pouches one measuring 15 cm in height by 10 cm in width while the other measures 28cm in height by 13 cm in width.The labels are all of standard sizes measuring 9.5cm height by 8.3cm in width.the labels are usually placed in the middle section of each pouch.
he look forward to some positive feedback from us.

As customer said, he was told from other customer who is in North India we are selling quality machine. thanks for this customer trust and telling truth to other customer. we always have customer who can recommend their friends to buy machine from us. Quality and Service always can win customer.

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