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The importance of bottle water in our daily line
Water is considered as the choice for daily hydration as it does not add any calories to diets, especially as public challenges linked to obesity in the world are increasing. Bottled water is the healthiest packaged beverage thanks to its absence of calories, its controlled origins, its outstanding quality, its taste and convenience. 
As we go into business of bottled water, we will regularly carries out research to help better consumers better understand the important role of water and hydration and actively supports education about it. Because bottled water is a highly visible product throughout the world it has sometimes been at the heart of an environmental controversy.We will supports solutions which minimize the environmental impact of the transportation of its products, giving preference for instance to rail whenever possible
The idea of bottling water is very old, but large scale bottling and transport began in the 19th century when spa became popular resorts. With bottling, you could in a sense take you cure home or nip down to the local pharmacy to purchase a favorite bottle of mineral water.
People have different taste, not just for water, but also for how it looks. Water and packaging have always informed one another, with water assuming the safety shape of the bottle and the bottle protecting the quality of the we will make sure our packaging is fantastic and our water safe for human consumption. 
We also aware that The bottle is the last link in a closed, hermetically sealed chain that preserves water from any external influence from source to consumption. The bottle acts as a barrier, guaranteeing the water is protected and untouched until it reaches the consumer’s hands. Once bottled and sealed, the water is perfectly stable and preserved. In addition to being a safe container, the bottle carries important information for consumers. The labels, for example, provide information about the water’s characteristics.
The general consumption of bottled is globally increasing in parallel with the growing demand for healthy and safe beverage. The bottled water consumption per year per inhabitants varies globally from one country to another. The average global consumption is 50 liters per capita per year. Convenient, the water bottle is an everyday companion for sports, walks or at the office.
Above all, Our bottle production line, water treatment, filling machine, labeling machine and packing machine is a great choice for bottle water, and bottled Water is indispensable to life. so bottled water investment is good choice.
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