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How to choose rotary roll fed adhesive sticker labeling machine

Rotary roll fed adhesive sticker labeling machine and shrink sleeve labeling machine is currently the most widely used labeling machine which compared with wet glue paper labeling machine, rotary roll fed adhesive sticker labeling machine adopt roll adhesive sticker paper label. paper reel label will pick out label to paste on body when in production line, according to the requirements of position on the bottle on the automated packaging machinery. It is suitable for round plastic bottles, glass bottles and other similar objects adhesive sticker labeling in pharmaceutical, food, light industry and daily chemical industry. This machine can automatically complete function of bottle dividing, label feeding belt, labeling, automatic batch code printing.

The role of roll fed adhesive sticker labeling machine itself promoted the rapid development of the industry,, though, the effect of roll fed adhesive sticker labeling machine is very important, there is too much company who can produce this labeling machine, also quality is uneven, so when choose rotary roll fed adhesive sticker labeling machine, we need to pay more attentions to following point:

First is the efficiency, for enterprise development, time is money, production efficiency good or bad, directly affect the benefit of production, we need to consider conveyor belt transmission speed, labeling outage ding speed, and also automatic calculation label length, which is important factor for adhesive sticker labeling machine quality

Moreover is the labeling effect is good or bad, it is error, bubble problem when working in a certain period of time, effective label number is also very important, the product outside looking will have great influence, so as to prevent the occurrence of bubble, labeling when near the labeling when also should pay attention to eliminate static electricity, Also moderately increase the label pressure and the label and the adhesive force of the bottle; And keep the contact position of the container and the label as straight as possible, so that not only the bubbles will not appear, but the aesthetic effect of the overall package will be excellent.

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