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full body and mid body shrink sleeve label applicator and steam heat tunnel for Lebanon customer

Our customer are erecting a small factory for liquid home care products.they are looking for full body and mid body shrink sleeve label applicator and steam heat tunnel.

their bottles maximum sizes:

Height 30 cm max.
Diameter 10 cm max.
Volume 1 Liter max.
their material of low viscosity. they want to label Hand Dishwashing Liquid, Liquid Laundry Detergent.

they send us herewith attached pictures of the bottles design they intend to make.

Right now they have 4 different bottles in shape and sizes all in HDPE material.
1- Bleaching agent, round bottle size: length 27.5 cm Dia 8 cm mid body label
2- Toilet bowl cleaner, round bottle size: length 28 cm Dia 8 cm mid body label
3- Hand diswashing liquid, round bottle size: 29 cm Dia 7 cm mid body label
4- Liquid laundry detergent for black clothes, flat bottle size: length 24 cm wide 9 cm deep 6.5 cm full body label
Production speed: 50 cpm
Remark: These are bottles from the market. they shall make similar shape and sizes but with possibility of minor modifications.their technical consultant is recommending them stretch sleeve label system instead of shrink sleeve as more appealing and more economical as do not need heat tunnel. you have this technology?  Please comment.

According to customer requirement, till now china market could not provide stretch sleeve label system, but we could provide TB-S150 sleeve labeling machine, ZQ-2000 steam shrink tunnel, and steam generator for customer request.

In the same time, customer also recommend our bag labeling machines to their cooperated factory

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