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Foam bowl labeling machine for Vietnam

Our customer is one of the largest instant food manufacturer in Vietnam. their company is looking for
1 set of automatic labelling machine for foam bowl

Type of label: sticker or wet glue or shrink sleeve 

Labeling Speed: approximately 100pcs per minute

1 set of automatic labelling machine for foam tray (if possible)

Speed:approximately 100 tray per minute

Type of Label: sticker

2sides along the lengths or 4 sides along the lengths and the widths of the side shell as per our suggestion and solution

Foam Bowl and foam tray for instant noodle or rice noodle packing. Inner shell: foam for instant food, Out shell: High impact polystyrene. Bowl SizeL Diameter 144*height 76mm  Tray Size 160*129*50mm

This above two labeling system need to be customized. For bowl labeling machine, it need to do taper type labeling, and which also have requests for labels. For tray labeling machine, we advice two sides labeling.

At same time, customer also have big interests about plastic bag labeling machine.

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