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Vacuum Pouch Bags Labeling Machine For USA customer

Our USA customer would like to order vacuum pouch bag labeling machine, their bag sizes is 3 x 3 inch, label are:  6 x 8, 7 x 9, and a 8 x 10.these are 300 Vacuum Pouch bags. As far as speed goes it does not  have to be super fast. they are labeling these by hand as of now. they are looking for a machine that you put a stack of bags on the end and then they get labeled.
Customer have seen the video on YOU TUBE that we have out there. It looks like that would do as long
as they can do all those sizes. The label size stays the same. We confirmed bag size is no problem, and testing customer sample in our bag labeling machine. customer is happy with testing result and send purchase order immediately. thanks for customer belief.

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