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Robot Palletizer and Stretch wrapper Machine for our Australia Customer

The whole project is to build a fully automatic palletizing line to service to different products lines as the attached drawings.

The proposed new auto palletizing system start from two production line’s dynamic checking weighs through motorized conveyor to auto palletizing system with pallet dispenser system to get pallet supplied (could be your MD-L40 Palletizer).

Then through an on line pallet stretch wrapping machine (optional: with auto label stick-on function) transfer the wrapped pallet to motorized roller conveyors that can be stored 6 loaded pallets for each production line.

Issues to be addressed:

As two different products are being produced on two production lines at the same time, we need to be able to load two pallets simultaneously, ie pick up product from one motorised accumulating conveyor onto one pallet then alternately pick up product from a second motorised accumulating conveyor and load onto a second pallet.  Priority for pick-up depends on which accumulating conveyor contains the most product. The accumulating conveyors can accumulate a few cartons at a time to provide buffer accumulation for the time required to remove a full pallet and replace with an empty pallet.

Every few hours a production run ends on a line and a new production run with a different item commences, so we need to allow for a line changeover to a new item.  My suggestion is that we install a gate on each of the accumulating conveyors and when one production run ends on a line and a new one commences, new-run product will accumulate behind the gate with a signal sent to the micro-controller that the pallet is complete once product in front of the gate has been emptied.  A new pallet will need to be put in place before the gate opens and the new-run product is picked and loaded by the palletizer.

We need to ensure that the cartons are sealed properly top and bottom so there are no problems with stacking cartons on the pallet.  It may be necessary to set up a camera system or other detection system to confirm that the cartons are dead-flat on the top and bottom indicating a good seal.

We also need a check-weigher that will weigh the cartons as they are moving on a carton conveyor.
We need to make provision for a pallet dispenser that will hold at least 10 empty pallets and dispense pallets to 2 pallet loading positions.
An automatic stretch wrapper is required with a transfer system from the 2 pallet loading positions to the stretch wrapper.
A transfer system is also required from the stretch wrapper to an accumulating pallet conveyor.  It is preferable to accumulate at least 6 full pallets in the pallet holding area so that it is only necessary to pick up, double-stack and move pallets into the warehouse every hour or so.

For 290mm(L) x 195mm (W) x 210mm (H) carton, 24 cartons per layer and 6 layers per pallet. For 390mm (L) x 290mm (W) x 210mm (H) carton, 12 cartons per layer and 6 layers per pallet.

Both lines can run big cartons and small cartons. While running small cartons, the line’s carton feeding speed is 10 cartons per minute. While running big carton, the line’s big carton feeding speed is 5 big cartons per minute.Both line carton belt speed is about 20-25 Meter per Minute
According to customer all above requirement, customer come to visit our factory and talk 2 days about whole project, and confirm all details. if you want to see customer drawing for reference, pls contact us!

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