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Heat Shrink Tube Sleeve Machine Installed in Thailand

This customer is our old customer who already ordered our two set of shrink sleeve applicator for sauce glass bottle, PVC self adhesive label sticker machine, two set of cold glue paper labeling machine. they are on Germany, USA, United Kinddom, Belgium, Japan, taiwan, Netherland, France,Sweden, Finland, Switzerland,Australia, Israel and more market of thai sweet chill sauce, dipping sauce, cooking sauce, curry paste, instant chill paste, etc.  When Chinese New year Coming, customer contacted with us again, they wanna confirm another set of shrink sleeve label machine with heat shrink tunnel for their new product, also hope this order can bring lucky for our new year. Total 10 days, customer send PO for our shrink sleeve applicator machine and we deliveried machine to customer thailand factory, now machine already in customer factory and installed, customer said your label applicator never lose down to us. they always choose us for long term partner.

Finally, really say thanks to you to choose us again!

Following is customer sleeve labeling machine installed picture, one set of sleeve labeling machine with one heat shrink sleeve machine with three set of heat gun.

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