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OPP labelling machine for PET bottle

Our Cote D'Ivoire customer request a proforma for a complete beverage production unit.

1.From preforms to 250ml and 500ml PET bottles ready for packaging.

2.I also want a unit that puts the juice in plastic bags and then makes the packaging

3.option for cardboard based packaging unit

4.Installation and tranning on site in Côte d’Ivoire

5.our customer company is a start up. they just need a small machine that can have a minimum speed of 100bottles/minute using OPP in rolls

6. they product is a juice contenning organic acid that must not be in contact with metal object (use PVC or or any other usefull non metallic filling system)

7. use film packing (kit of 6 and 12 bottles) Later it will be carton packing of 12 bottles

we recommend our OPP-3P OPP labeling machine to customer which speed can reach 8000BPH

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