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Steam Shrink Tunnel to Malaysia Customer

Our Malaysia customer send inquiry: Dear April, Please see the attached product for your reference. This customer is looking for steam tunnel to shrink the PVC label as shown in the picture as well. The operation is Offline. We need the steam tunnel with conveyor. Customer already have boiler in their factory. We checked product is no problem, we send quotation to customer. after checking our quotation, customer reply in this email :Dear April,Good day to you. We have just finish our meeting with the customer earlier today. We need few information from you in order to close this order with the customer asap.

1)      Can you please remove the Stem Generator from the attached quote as they don’t require it at the moment.
2)      What is the earliest lead time for this Steam tunnel to be ready for testing once order is placed?
3)      Please quote us the pricing based CIF Port Klang, Malaysia.
4)      Customer looking for a better discount in order to proceed with ordering of this machine asap.
5)      Customer also wanted to know whether you will have the pressure measuring valve in the steam tunnel when supplied to them ?
6)      How many samples tubs are required for the testing and confirmation?
Please do check and get back to us as we would like to close this new order for both parties asap.

We confirmed all questions back, and also send invoice to customer, customer say thanks for the Proforma Invoice received and we will make the TT Payment accordingly for you by next week.I will request my office to prepare the Purchase order and email it to you by tomorrow.Thank you very much for all the help given to me yesterday and today.

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