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5 gallon non-spill water cap liner machine

5 gallon non-spill water cap liner machine

Product Item: TB-004
Category: Top Labeling
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Cap Liner and Label Sealing for 5 Gallon Water Bottle Cap
Cost Effective Equipment
2 Years Guarantee
Washer Inserting Machine
Description:5 gallon non-spill water cap liner machine insert liner to 5 gallon cap



1. Application: This washer inserting machine is an ideal cap liner machine, which is widely used in bottle cap factories, liner factories, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, daily chemical factories, packaging factories, etc. This model is designed for larger five-gallon caps.

2. The whole machine adopts PLC control. The electrical control system adopts frequency conversion control technology, which has the characteristics of arbitrary setting, wide application range, simple operation, stable operation, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance and durability.

3. Machine capacity: 4800 pcs/hour (according to the liner).

4. Power: 2.0 KW, 220V.single Phase, 50/60 HZ.

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