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Box corner tamper proof automatic labeling machine

Product Item: BGJ-P220
Category: Top Labeling
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a wide range adjustment ability
Handle various carton box sizes
Production monitoring function
Intelligent automatic labeling system
Description:This box tamper proof automatic labeling machine is suitable for corner labeling for various carton box products.

Model BGJ-P220
Labeling Material adhesive sticker paper labels
Labeling Precision +/-1mm(exclude the product label deviation)
Labeling Speed 60-200labels per minute(its up to customer product dimension)
Applicable Product Size 20≤L≤450, 20≤W≤230, 20≤H≤100,
Applicable Label Size
10≤L≤200,  10≤L≤135
Labeling Machine Size L1600*W650*H1500mm


1. Applicable to industries: electronic accessories, food chemicals, electrical accessories, hardware electromechanical, auto parts, printing and packaging and other industries;

2. Applicable product range: carton, flat bottle, round bottle, square box, and other cylindrical/flat body labeling;

3. Function: automatic detection of labeling, improving the labeling efficiency of products, accurate labeling position, good quality and high stability; avoiding low efficiency of manual labeling, skewed labeling, blistering and wrinkling, and irregular labeling position A series of problems; effectively reduce product costs, improve product logo aesthetics, and enhance product competitiveness;

4. The main materials of the equipment are stainless steel304 and high-grade aluminum alloy, the overall structure is firm, beautiful, and the operation and maintenance are simple;

5. The scope of application of the equipment is customized according to customer samples, the labeling accuracy is +1mm, and the size of the applicable product can be adjusted arbitrarily within the scope of technical regulations;

6. The structure is small and the floor area is small, which is convenient for equipment movement and placement; the equipment includes positioning device, fault alarm function, production counting function, printing function, etc. (reserved)

7. Tamper-evident labelling machine for the application of anti-counterfeiting seal labels on the flaps of pharmaceutical carton boxes

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