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Drop Type Case Packer for PET Bottle

Drop Type Case Packer for PET Bottle

Product Item: ZX-5
Category: Case Packer
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Automatic cartoning for different arrangements of round and flat bottles
Ensure high-speed packing of bottle
Lack of carton alarm device
Drop carton buffer device
Description:The packaging line is suitable for packaging of food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, medicine, handicrafts, toys, beverages, hardware, machinery, etc.

Model ZX-5
Speed 2-5case/min
Power 380V, 50HZ, 3phrase  6KW
Air Consumption less than 0.9m3/min
Working Noise less than 75db
Product Arrangement 2*3, 3*4, 4*6
Machine Size L2200mm*W1650mm*H2400mm
Weight 2200KG

Main Description

This machine belongs to the series of cartoning machines that condensed the characteristics of various domestic and foreign cartoning machines. In order to adapt to the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, the newly developed automatic case packer machine has a wide range of applications, a small site area, and can be used in a single machine. , It can also be used online with front-end heat shrink packaging machine and cellophane wrapping machine to complete the subsequent packaging production line. According to the requirements of the number of products to be packed, the machine stacks various cuboid products such as boxes or bags and pushes them flat into the boxes. The products filled with boxes are automatically turned over to the conveyor rollers and automatically connected to the unmanned production line. The automatic case packing machine has advanced design, compact structure, convenient use, reliable operation, and can effectively ensure product quality. From the surface to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity.


1. Drop Type Case Packer is center of whole packing system from case erector to case sealer

2. RSC Case is suitable to our Case Packer

3. KX Series Case Erector and FX Series Case Sealer is option to finish automatic packing production line

4. Drop Type Case Packer gripper will pick up bottle from conveyor and placed into awaiting erected case

5. We equip fully automatic bottle detecting system to make more safe and efficient

6. China factory specializing in the production of Drop Type Case Packer 

Machine Details