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Robot Flexpicker Carton Packer

Product Item: ZX-R20
Category: Case Packer
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Quick changeover of packing patterns
Fast to start-up
Minimizes changeover
Simple maintenance
Description:Robot Flexpicker Carton Packer is suitable to pouch, bag, box, bottle,etc.

Model ZX-R20
Speed 4000times/hour
Product Conveyor Belt Height 800mm
Case Conveyor Belt Height 500mm
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Working Pressure Cylinder 0.3Mpa
Air Consumption 600NL/min
Power 3.5KW
Voltage 380V 50/60HZ
Weight 550KG


1. We choose flexpicker from ABB or Fanuc, or other famous brand, which can make sure fast picking and flexible

2. It can connect with case erector and case sealer as one production line.

3. Different flexpicker mode, different capacity

This flexpicker robot carton packer is designed for our Australia customer, which for stand up pouch bag product, following is for our customer whole packing system picture from case erector, flexpicker carton packer and case sealer for your reference.


Name: Robot Flexpicker Carton Packer for Stand up Pouch 1SET   Case Erector with bottom sealing machine 1SET Case Sealer 1 SET

Country: Australia
Industry: Stand up pouch water
Details: Our whole packing system: first open carton, second pick up pouch into carton by flexpicker, finally seal carton

Name: Robot Case Packer 2 SET  Carton Erector with bottom Sealer machine 2 SET  Auto Carton Sealer 2 SET
Country: Argentina
Industry: Personal Care
Details: Our 2 whole packing system is for 2 kinds bottles 200ml and 400ml bottle, 2*6 packing arrangement, 200mml with capacity 120bottles/min and 400ml bottles with capacity 100bottles/min