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Automatic Pick and Place Case Packer

Automatic Pick and Place Case Packer

Product Item: Zx-20
Category: Case Packer
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Integrated case erector
Integrated case sealer
Fast changeover replacement
Automatic input grouper
Description:Our Automatic Pick and Place Case Packer is to pick up pet bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, oval bottle, round bottle, etc into the erected case

Model ZX-20
Speed 15-20case/min
Power 380V, 50HZ, 3phrase  6KW
Air Consumption less than 0.9m3/min
Working Noise less than 75db
Product Arrangement 2*3, 3*4, 4*6
Machine Size L2200mm*W1650mm*H2400mm
Weight 2200KG


1.pick and place case packer is center of whole packing system from case erector to case sealer

2. RSC Case is suitable to our Case Packer

3. KX Series Case Erector and FX Series Case Sealer is option to finish automatic packing production line

4. Case Packer gripper will pick up bottle from conveyor and placed into awaiting erected case

5. We equip fully automatic bottle detecting system to make more safe and efficient

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