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Automatic Robot Carton Packer for Bottle

Automatic Robot Carton Packer for Bottle

Product Item: ZX-R20
Category: Case Packer
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Robotic Bottle Packer
Suitable for flexible packaging systems
Strong protective ability
With extremely high precision
Description:Robot Bottle Packer loads bottles into RSC case at a rate of up to 800 bottles per minute,China factory specializing in the production of Automatic Robot Carton Packer for Bottle

Model ZX-R20
Speed 400/600/800bottle/minute, its up to product
Power 1-8KW
Air Pressure 0.75Mpa
Air Consumption 1L/min
Suitable Product can, bottle, bag, box, etc


1. Robotic Case Packer choose ABB robot, KUKA, and some famous brand robot

2. Robotic Case Packer equip automatic changeover system to save time for customer

3. Robotic Case Packer gripper pick up product from conveyor automatically and placed into erected case automatically

4. It also can equip other system, like visual system, X ray machine, weigher machine, barcode machine, case erector, case sealer, etc. to realize intelligent packing system