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Printed Film Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Printed Film Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Product Item: MB-60
Category: Shrink Wrapper Machine
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Description:Printed Film Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Machine is high speed wrapping machine from 40packs per minute to 130packs per minute

Model MB-40 MB-60 MB-130
Packing Speed 40pieces/min 60piece/min 130piece/min
Transfer Belt Width 610mm 610mm 610mm
Power 380V 3Phrase 65KW 380V 3phrase 90KW 380V 3phrase 92KW
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 80-100NL/min 80-100NL/min 80-100NL/min
Shrinkage Tunnel Size L17685*W1530*2500mm L19145*W1800*H2500mm L19500*W1530*H2500mm
Max Package Size L460*W280*H345mm L460*W280*H345mm L460*W280*H350mm


1. Safety protection device makes the machine smooth and safe, operating condition can be seen clearly becasue of using coated steel
2. Material: drive shaft adopt S45C, other mechanical parts are made by chromium-plated steel, stainless steel and anodized antirust aluminium
3. Entrance conveyor belt adopts steel chain net with low friction coefficient, makes sure bottle-entering smooth with bottle-conducting device;
4. Adjust the production speed automatically, use test switch and connects front and back, according to produce place and the operating condition of the whole line, to test and adjust operating speed automatically;
5. It has unscramble bottle detecting device against falling or lack of bottle;
6. It uses electronic synchronous code to check continuous packaging action;
7. Shrinkable film supply device should be below the machine;
8. The second group shrinkable film frame-choose item;
9. Product conveying area have unscramble bottle or bottle-lacking device, detecting device and carton-pressing device;
10. Shrinkable film frame adopts advance braking device to ensure shrinkable film keeps certain firmness when loosen;



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