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Wrap Around Labeling With Orientation

Wrap Around Labeling With Orientation

Product Item: BGJ-Y200
Category: Wrap Around Labeling
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Accurate label placement with orientation device
Wrap all the way around
Cylinder positioning
Cost Effective Equipment
Description:CONSUNG Wrap Around Labeling With Orientation for round, conical containers with high-precision orientating labeling.

Model BGJ-Y200
Labeling Material(label roll) Paper
Labeling Accuracy
+/-1mm (exclude the product label deviation)
Labeling Speed 30-45pieces per minute(its up to product size)
Applicable Round Product Size 20≤Bottle Diameter≤120, Bottle Height 40-200mm can be customized
Applicable Label Size 15≤Label Width≤140,  20≤Label Length≥350mm can be customized
Machine Size L2000*W900*H1400mm

Machine Descriptions

This machine is suitable for food, medicine, beverage, cosmetics, electronics, plastics, toys, hardware, auto parts, stationery and other round and conical objects, such as cups, tubes, cans, boxes, bottles, barrels, etc. Adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc. Label for the product's circumferential surface, conical surface and four aspects.

Product Features

1. Positioning mechanism is composed of positioning cylinder, adjusting guide post and other components. It presses the product when the labeling is rotated, so that the product can maintain stable rotation during labeling and ensure the labeling effect.

2. The spoke mechanism is composed of the spoke motor, the spoke belt, the spoke drive wheel and other components. It is mainly used for the labeling of round products.

3. The labeling mechanism is used to place the whole roll of labels.

4. Back Paper receiving mechanism It is used to collect the used label waste paper.

5. Host adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the height position of the host, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different labeling positions.

6. The label pulling mechanism is composed of pulling label wheel, eccentric wheel and other components.

7. Label pulling motor imported stepping motor, the main function is to remove the label from the bottom and stick it on the product.

Machine Details