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High Speed Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

High Speed Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Product Item: BGJ-Y200
Category: Wrap Around Labeling
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Cost-efficient production
Perfect labeling application
Self adhesive label
Reliable electronics
Description:High Speed Bottle Labeling Machine can apply to different kind of round container,which speed can reach 200bottle per minute, this high speed machine use Germany Siemens System

BGJ-Y200 High Speed Type
Labeling Precision
+/-1mm (exclude the product label deviation)
Applicable Size
L20-300mm H10-140mm
Applicable Round Container Size
Diameter30-100mm   Height 20-200mm
Applicable Roll Label Inner Diameter
Applicable Roll Label Outer Diameter
max. 350mm
Machine Size
AC 220V  50/60HZ 1200W


1. High speed round bottle labeling machine use imported servo control system, machine is more stable

2. Automatic sensor detecting system, no product no labeling, no label no working or alarm system, it will avoid waste.

3. It is suitable to medical industry, food industry, chemical industry.

4. Machine process: Put product on conveyor(or connect with production line)  to automatically conveying to automatic divider to labeling to product detecting to product collecting.

5. Ribbon printer or code printer can be one option for machine.

6. Other related product recommend: plastic bag labeling machine

7. High Speed Vertical Wrap Around Automatic Labeling Machine can label various types of round containers.

8. Wrap Around Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine is a vertical stand type bottle labeling machine which is suitable for adhesive sticker labels to be applied on cylindrical containers of various shape.

1. The automatic labeling machine head is composed of label pulling, back paper receiving, label supplying and other institutions.

2. Spoke baffle mechanism is composed of adjustment handle wheel, mark baffle and other mechanisms, which are used to make the label compliant.

3. Conveying mechanism make the product transport smoothly, complete the whole labeling, stainless steel material 304 , the overall conveyor length is 2 meters.

4. Labeling electrical control cabinet all the electrical appliances of the labeling mechanism are installed inside, with a lock, which can be opened when needed.

5. The conveyor guardrail can be adjusted according to the size of the customer's product, which is used to position the product and complete the labeling action more conveniently.

6. Equipment touch screen display interface for all parameter information of equipment, can automatically control equipment start and stop, etc., can adjust equipment data parameters

7. Exhaust fans are on both sides to dissipate heat from electrical appliances inside the chassis.

8. The chassis casters can be rotated 360°, which is convenient for the equipment to move.

9. The lifting mechanism of the main machine is used to adjust the upper and lower height of the labeling main machine, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to products of different heights.

10. Spoke mechanism is composed of spoke belt, fixed motherboard, spoke motor and other mechanisms, which are used to paste the entire product label.

11. The touch screen fixing bracket is used to fix the touch screen of the device, and the height is adjustable.

12. Conveying motor 180W variable frequency motor, the main power component of conveying mechanism.

13. The spoke motor is a 60W variable frequency motor, the main power component of the entire spoke mechanism, which is used to rotate and complete the labeling action.

14. Ribbon code printer machine is used to print the production date and batch number of the product, and can print up to three lines of content.