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Bag labeler for USA customer

Our USA customer send us inquiry good morning April, thank you for returning my email, like I said, we are very interested in a bag labeler similar to this.  I forgot to mention that our bag is mostly made of aluminum not plastic.  Hopefully that is not a problem. I have the dimensions for both the bag and the label.  The bag dimensions are 40.96 cm x 79.06 cm and the label is 6.67 cm x 2.54 cm.  I have also attached pictures of what the label (image1), bag (image2), and bag with label (image3) look like.  Would love to get a sales representative in to talk more or if you can help out even more that would be most grateful.  we checked customer aluminum bag and size, it need to be customized and use our special pneumatic type bag labeler machine. we have different kinds of bag labeler. so different customer different material different size bag and different label size, we will recommend suitable labeling solutions for customer

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