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Complete palletisation system line for our polish customer

Our customer are a Polish producer of mineral water and beverages in PET bottles. For their two bottling lines for mineral water, they are looking for a complete palletisation system line using two robots for two complete palletizing lines using
In the attachment I am sending dimensions of the hall for the palletizing

line (green line, dimensions 8.5 m x 10 meters).
Please, consider the price of the pallet wrapper with a rotating arm with
a capacity of 50-60 pallets per hour).
they wrap the pallets with stretch foil only horizontally.
So they pack the drinks on pallets (we use the palette 80x60 cm or 80x120 cm):
2. Cardboard spacer (Cardboard insert, annex 6)
3, Packs with beverages (packages are packed in 6 bottles or 12 bottles in
heat-shrinkable foil, annex 13 )
4. Cardboard spacer (Cardboard insert, annex 6),
5.Packs with beverages and so on.
In this way, they lay the layers vertically on the pallet depending on the
capacity of the bottles from 4 to 7 layers (Annex 18)

25 - dimensions of the hall
23 - Photos of palettes with drinks

24 - Photos of palettes we use (80x60 cm and 80cmx120cm)

According to our customer information, its no problem for us, but space is not enough, and for customer design, pallet feeding and outfeeding time is not enough.

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