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Box Labeling Machine for Belarus

Our customer is absorbent cotton wool producer in Belarus, Grodno. they are interested in purchasing of equipment (manual or automatic) for the application of self-adhesive paper labels on plastic rectangular boxes (whole label should adjoin on three sides) and round shape boxes (circumferentially).

Boxes are moving on the conveyor length of 1.5 meters and a width of 20 cm tape, during movement marking is carried out on the box (date and party). However, we are ready to consider a method for supplying boxes manually. Required production speed is 15-60 pieces per minute.

Dimensions of rectangular boxes: width 87 mm, length 107 mm, height 47 mm and round box diameter 65 mm, height 84 mm (images attached).

Label size. For rectangular boxes: width 45-50 mm, length 180 mm; for round boxes: width 110 mm, length 55 also required carving tips for fixing covers 10 mm (pictures attached).

It's not necessary to print on the labels.

Please let me know about the possibility of supplying of the requested equipment.

According to customer requirement, we recommend our BGJ-P220 sticker labeling machine, and add label corner folding function for plastic rectangular box three side labeling. and another set of BGJ-Y200 round bottle labeling machine for their round shape box.

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