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Case Packer for aerosol can for Malaysia customer

This customer is packaging manager in one Malaysia company, who inquiry auto case packer for aerosol can, they want to pick and fill 9 pieces, 12pieces, 24pieces can of aerosol to Regular Slotted Carton (RSC). and Currently , they pack the aerosol can to RSC manually. and they are looking for auto case packer to fill the aerosol can to RSC.  this kinds of aerosol can is not like bottle, its easy to explode, so all machine electric cabinet, sensor, electric configuration, touch screen all related with electricity need to be anti-explosion. its more expensive. so we recommend our ZX-20 Case Packer to customer with anti-explosion electric configuration to customer. customer said we are very professional, he inquiry a lot factory, but they didnt notice this point.

Thanks for your truth, hope we can finish your order asap.

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