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Safety Matters for Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine

1. In order to prevent any wrong operation, please pay attention to comply with all the safety warning signs on the equipment and the safety warning in the manual. Please read it carefully even you have been familiar with the machine operation.
2. It is not appropriate application of the machine if the user uses this machine for other purpose or run operation beyond the design regulation. The user shall be responsible for the consequence of inappropriate application.
3. If there is change on the dimension, packaging methods, and quantity of the object being packed, please contact our company for technical consultation. We will inform you the parts which need to be changed and put on records.
4. User shall use the machine correctly according to the instruction manual and make inspection and maintenance by specified period under proper technical design condition.
5. The operator must be familiar with every operation of the machine, and follow operation rules strictly.
6. Any malfunction of the machine must be corrected immediately.

7. The operator must stay away from power supply and heat source so as to prevent Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine electric shock or scald.

Matters Need Attention for Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine
1. The instruction manual of heat shrinkable film packing machine is compiled for the operator for easy reading Please keep the manual well and provide it to the operator and maintenance staff when appropriate.
2. Because the operation status of the shrinkable film wrapping machine has connection to the installation layout, please follow the solution by sales engineer and place the machine according to the proposal.
3. It is not allowed to copy or provide the material and attachments in the manual to the third party without the approval by My company.
4. My company. devotes to innovation and development of machinery equipment. We reserve the right to improve related technology and equipment.

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