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Wrap Around Carton Packing Machine Power Supply

Correct Wiring for Wrap Around Carton Packer
Before use, the device must be properly powered on (power supply: three-phase (380V) five-wire system) and be connected with the R, S, T, N, and PE terminals in the power distribution cabinet.
Powering on the Device
After completing wiring and making sure the power supply is correct (e.g.: voltage 380V, etc.), turn each circuit breaker in the power distribution cabinet to the ON position and the “Power Supply” switch   on the operation panel to the ON position.
Powering off the Device
To power off the device, turn off the “Power Supply” switch on the panel, and then disconnect the main circuit breaker in the power distribution cabinet.
Before maintaining the device, be sure to turn all the power switches to the OFF position and cut off the power supply to avoid all unsafe conditions.
Please note that if the cylinder is energized before being powered off, it will move due to loss of power after being powered off, in which case you should be careful not to be injured by the cylinder.

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