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How to make maintenance for our top and bottom case sealer machine

1.The power and gas must be cut off when case sealer maintenance or adjustment is carried out.
2. Pls check whether the oil of the oil-water separator is enough or not.if not, pls refuel promptly. it must use the special oil for air pressure and never use other kinds of replacing oil.
3.Check the water filtration cup of the oil-water separator to make sure there is appropriate water in it. 
4.Often brush the axis to prevent dust filtering into the piston, which may cause gas leaking.
5.Do maintenance of the air pressure pipe: If the air pressure pipe need to be uninstalled for maintenance, please notice that if the pipe is bent or not before installation. Straighten it if bent for avoiding air obstruction.
6.Fill the engine oil to the silk pole every 3 months.
7.Fill the engine oil to the chain every 3 months
8.Please keep the machine clean and dry.
9.The power supply and gas must be cut off when maintenance or adjustment is advanced.
10.The reamer patch must be cleaned and lubricated before use.
11.It’s normal that the strap would be tightened after operating for some time. 
12.If any malfunction occur under correct operation within 1 year, we will provide the fittings for free. 

We not only always use case sealer, also need to do maintenance in our daily case sealer running.

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