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Semi automatic case sealing machine operating instruction

1.Install and enlace the adhesive tape. Adjust the adhesive tape to the middle position
2.Adjust the air pressure.
3.Check if there is water in the oil-water separator or not.Pipe out the water if has. Check if the oil is enough. If not, please refuel it.
4.Adjust the sealing height and width
5.Adjust the side pressing wheel
6.Adjust the swing-rod to proper position
7.Connect the power supply, press the ON switch to run the machine.
8.Push the carton onto the worktable (the covers of the carton must be pricked up), and loosen your hand when the carton is brought along by the conveyer belt. when the carton touches the back folder controling switch, the piston of the cylinder will hold out to push up the back folder. After the whole carton passes the back folder controling switch, the back folder will fall down and press the back cover of the carton. At the same time, the side covers of the carton are folded by the swing-rod. Then the folding and sealing is finished. 
9. The folding order: front cover, back cover, side covers
10.Press the OFF switch to stop the machine. 

Pls follow up our above rules to operate our case sealing machine

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