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Paper Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

Hi April, i am interesting in the BGJ-F300 and BGJ-P220 models (depending on which is better for our application).

Allow me to describe our project in order to understand our needs and give us your advices.

We have A5 sheets that we would like to put on 2 adhesive labels - one in the top and one in the bottom of the paper.

That means we should pass them through labeling applicator 2 times

Our labels are 20mm (L) X  100 mm (W) X 5mm (Thick).

Is your labeling machines capable to manage thickness of the labels of 5mm-6mm?

After we do the first pass to put the first label the sheets will be thicker in the one side. Is your feeder capable to re-feed them without problem?

I am expecting your answers and an indicative price per model.

The speed is not an issue for us - we can have smaller speed as we do small quantities per day.

Cost of the machine is the biggest concern (until today we do it manually - with our employees free time).

According to customer requirements, we recommend our BGJ-F300 paper feeder and labeler machine to customer, but it require to labeling two times for paper top and bottom. if customer not want paper feeder automatically, also can choose BGJ-P220 top labeling machine. it will help customer save cost.

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