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Double Head Shrink Sleeve Applicator with Heat Tunnel for Bangladesh  Customer

Our customer contact us and said we have learnt about you through internet.
We are looking for an appropriate Shrink Sleeve Applicator with Heat Tunnel for our Petroleum Jelly & Magic Tooth powder containers (double Head).
We understand your expertise in this field and therefore approaching you for the solution.
For your kind information -- our company is also largest cosmetics & Toiletries company in Bangladesh. For further information we would like to invite you to visit our following web sites.

We would appreciate if you please send us technical details based on the below specifications-.
Specification of Petroleum Jelly Containers (HDPE):
Name of Product: 15ml Pet Jelly  Height 16.83mm  Dia  44.1mm

Name of Product: 50ml Pet Jelly Height 23.2mm Dia 64.92mm

Name of Product: 100ml Pet Jelly Height 29.87mm  Dia 82.76mm

Name of Product: 30g Powder Container HDPE  Body Dimension: Dia 38.42mm*H93.38mm Cap Diameter: 37mm  LDPE

Name of Product: 50g Powder Container HDPE Body Dimension: Dia 39.88mm*H105mm Cap Diameters:37mm  LDPE

Name of Product: 100g Powder Container HDPE  Body Dimension: Dia 48.86mm*H123mm Cap Diameters:37mm  LDPE

After checking and talking above requirements with our engineer, our engineer confirm we can customize shrink sleeve applicator for our customer. thanks for customer believe

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